Pillars Of Support


The Sheep River Health Trust works directly with both the Oilfield’s General Hospital and Okotoks Health & Wellness Centre to help with the growing demand for Medical Equipment & facility enhancements. This has been our primary pillar of support.

In order to promote a more proactive approach to health care the Sheep River Health Trust expanded our focus to include support for programs that serve the health and wellness needs of the complete family unit – babies to grandparents. This programming falls under our 3 additional pillars – Children & Youth, Families and Seniors.

Recognizing that sometimes there are other amazing health and wellness activities that occur outside of our service area or that do not fall under our traditional 4 pillars but provide a significant benefit to the Region we created our 5th pillar of support 3 years ago – the Community Cares Pillar. Over the past 3 years this has included things like the expansion of the Cancer Clinic in High River, the Chaplain at Oilfield’s General Hospital and Rowan House Healing Minds, Bodies & Spirit Program.

Some of the current needs that have been identified in the region for possible funding are: Child centric play centre in urgent care, Renovation of the 1970’s Tub room at Oilfield’s Hospital, DASH Monitor for Urgent Care, Replacement of the Baby Weigh Scales, support for the Health Eating Program, Dementia Friendly Project, expansion of the Wanderguard System, support for Early Childhood Programming.