Be A Health Hero

Become a Health Hero with your $12 monthly donation

to the Sheep River Health Trust


What is a Health Hero?
A Health Hero is someone who believes that the health and wellness of the residents in the foothills is something that should be consistently advanced and supported.

Through a monthly giving program with the Sheep River Health Trust you have the ability to impact the lives of residents young and old in the Foothills region.

When can I sign up to be a Health Hero?
TODAY! Fill out the form below or call the Sheep River Health Trust office at 403-995-5400.

Why should I become a Health Hero?
Your $12 monthly contribution is directed towards local programs and medical equipment at the Okotoks Health & Wellness Centre and the Oilfields General Hospital that supports our communities children, families and seniors.

It’s easy: all you need to do is sign up once, and we’ll take care of the rest. Each month your gift will automatically be charged to your chosen credit card on the same date. There are no fees, and you can cancel your support at any time. You will receive a tax receipt for the total of your annual donations.

Knowing we can count on your ongoing monthly support helps our Trust plan for the future in funding upcoming health priorities.

By becoming a Health Hero monthly donor, you can help ensure that every person coming through the doors of our region’s health care facilities receive the best health care available.