Memorial Gifts

We extend our condolences to you and your family during this time of loss. When you lose a loved one, it may seem that no gesture is adequate to show how much that person means to you.

Making a memorial donation is an opportunity to pay tribute to someone who touched your life in a significant way.

Donate here to remember a loved one.

Thoughtful donors’ names and addresses will be provided to the family contact but amounts will not be revealed.


Setting up memormem-gift-lillyial contributions with the Sheep River Health Trust is quick and easy.

Please notify us of the following  by phone, email or mail:
– Your Loved one’s full name.
– Full name and address of the family contact for us to send notifications to as we begin to receive donations in your loved one’s name.
– The specific fund to which you wish the gift to be applied.

Contact us at:
or phone us at: